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Certified Residential Appraiser
April 17th, 2008 10:07 AM

Well it has finally happened.  The state sent the notice on Monday that I am now a Certified Residential Appraiser in the state of Colorado.  I am now able to do any residential property regardless of value.  Before I was limited to under $1M.

Now that I am FHA approved and Certified I feel like I can market directly to banks.  I felt that it was important I had everything in order before starting to get their business.

The state did review 3 of my files - which at first I was really nervous about, and then found this is now standard when requesting a license upgrade.  I think it is a really good practice so that if someone is doing something wrong the state can make comments before it becomes a big issue.  I am happy to say the state didn't make any comments on my reports so I feel very good about that aspect.  It is important to me to put out a quality report with each appraisal.  Of course when I reviewed the ones the state requested I found a few things that I wish I had done differently but I think that happens anytime you go back and review your work. 

It has been 189 days since the last time I updated this blog - so going forward I plan to do it much more often.  Right now, this Certified Appraiser is signing off.  Please feel free to send comments or questions. 




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